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Handwoven Meditation Cushion

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Handwoven Meditation Cushion



In the noisy city, DIY hand-knitting is like a warm wind, penetrating into every corner, adding a touch of tranquility to life. The softness of rushes and the fragrance of cattails are integrated into rattan chairs, dressing tables and footstools, showing the exquisite taste of handicraft art.

Floor mats, dining chairs, balcony cushions, and sofas are each carefully woven by craftsmen to wrap the home space warmly. Outdoor meditation mats, patio mats, stadium seating mats, and yoga mats inject vitality into life and integrate the body with nature.

Pet mats and baby play mats are delicate and considerate, creating a unique comfortable corner for each family member. The meditation cushion is a sanctuary for the soul, allowing the soul to find a corner of residence in tranquility. Meditation cushions come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit personal preferences and needs. Some people prefer a lower cushion to maintain the natural curve of the spine, while others prefer a higher cushion to increase stability in their sitting posture. Whether in traditional style or modern creative designs, these cushions bring comfort and joy to meditators


Dimensions: 23.62×23.62×3.93 in
Weight: 3.3 lb
Material: wild cattail

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Handwoven Meditation Cushion
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